Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I haven't been posting much since NaBloPoMo got over, but it's not for lack of interest. I have been in this crazy little busy period. I say "busy" because it feels busy. I don't really see where I have accomplished much lately. It's like I'm in this little whirlwind and all it's doing is blowing the dust around. When the dust settles everything is still the same except that it's covered with dust.

Here's a couple of tidbits from the last couple of weeks:

1. I saw a falling star on my way home from work one night. I know that may not be big news to some of you, but I always think it's very special to see just one shooting star fall from the sky. I love to watch meteor showers where they are darting everywhere and there are lots of them, but when you see just one it's just different. You have to be looking at just the right spot at just the right time. So that's very special to me. I guess it's somewhat like an affirmation from God.

2. I learned to eat cheese and crackers. That may not seem like big news either, but to me it's an accomplishment. Most of my life I have hated cold cheese. I loved macaroni and cheese and cheese melted on hamburgers, toasted cheese, and cheesy broccoli or cheese soup but to take a piece of cheese out of the refrigerator and just eat it bare and cold and alone...ewwwww! I couldn't stand the texture. Then I worked for Dave and Louise. Louise used to like to pack a lunch for me when she packed lunch for herself and Dave. She was quite fond of making meat and cheese sandwiches. I am a polite person and so I would choke them down followed by large gulps of whatever drink I had. I never had the heart to tell her I hated cold cheese because she was always so sweet to bring me a lunch when she didn't have to do that at all. I eventually learned to really like cheese on a sandwich. I think I was about 37 years old at the time. I started letting them leave the cheese on my tacos and actually ordering sandwiches with cheese on them. I learned to love parmesan cheese sprinkled on everything. And I don't mean the powdery Kraft version but regular shredded parmesan. I made a lot of progress in the cheese world and ventured out and tried different kinds of cheese. I still hate American cheese, squeeze cheese, and most cheese spreads and I still hadn't learned to eat cheese on crackers. I have grown quite fond of Swiss cheese. It's one of my favorites. The other night I had some whole wheat Ritz left over from a party and I decided to try the Swiss cheese with salami on the crackers. Then I got really brave and ate a cracker with just the cheese. It was actually quite delicious and I feel accomplished that I can now attend a party and actually eat the cheese and crackers. I'm not sure if I could handle it cut thick, but thin slices are a go! Yay!
I know. I'm weird.


Becky said...

I love you, you cheese eating weirdo.

The Invisible Mo said...

I love you, too!

Sue said...

I really like your description of being really busy. That is how my life has been lately too.

Cheese is good in so many ways! I don't think I have found a way I don't like it. Except when it's turning blue and fuzzy!

The Invisible Mo said...

Yeah, Sue, blue and fuzzy isn't my favorite presentation, either!

Christine said...

Congrats on your cheese progress! I think I must be half mouse because there are not many cheeses that I dislike although I do draw the line on the moldy blue stuff unless it is blended up and made into a salad dressing. I love blue cheese dressing.

The Invisible Mo said...

LOL at Christine. I totally got this mental picture of you sitting and nibbling on a piece of cheese while holding it with both hands.
I've always liked almost any kind of cheese melted or cooked if that counts. I just have never cared for "raw" uncooked cheese. I still can't eat it plain by itself except for the parmesan and then only if it's grated or sliced extra thin.