Saturday, November 23, 2013

I forgot to blog yesterday. I am struggling a little bit with my limitations the last few days and last night was the worst. My right hand is doing all right in spite of my broken middle finger, but I still have to take it easy and still need to wear the splint when doing anything in which I might bang it or otherwise damage it. This is mostly just annoying at this point, but annoying is worse than outright pain to me. However,  a couple of days ago, my left arm decided to join in on the fun and my bursitis flared up into a full attack. So I am limited on the right hand by a broken finger and limited on the left by an arm that won't lift or stretch out to the side. Hahahaha...very funny, body! And then for extra fun on Friday, my right knee decided to be a big pain, too! Extremely annoying. I am not one to let my body dictate my activities so I started alternating Ibuprofen and Tylenol every two hours, but I waited too long to start and last night I seriously wanted someone to cut off my left arm and right leg. That, of course, would have really limited my abilities, so instead David and I took the kids to IHOP and then went to Walmart. The kids ate absolutely every bite of their dinner (The Rooty Tooty or whatever it is called, which consists of a sausage link, a strip of bacon, and a pancake with whipped cream and strawberries. Every bite! 

Daelin is about to turn four (in January) and he is practicing up for the "year of speak" (which is what I call the four-year-old experience), so the Walmart trip was totally amusing as he continued a running commentary about the toys he wanted,  interspersed with exclamations when he saw anything at all that caught his eye. And trust me...there was a lot that caught his eye! As the time went over their bedtime, he  became a little less animated, but still talked non-stop until he finally reached that point where in the middle of normal he melted down. LOL. We were sure he would fall asleep the minute he got to the car, but he had even more to tell us. Where in the world do all those words come from?

This all has nothing to do with the following pictures. I am once again on my laptop and have no access to my most current pictures since I haven't put them on the cloud, yet. But I do have access to some of my older ones and thought you might like to see some life in the fifties. So here is a picture tour of kidlife in the fities.

1. This is my sister, Krys, and our twin cousins, Lenny and Kenny with a calf on my grandmother's farm. I remembered the barn much bigger! 

 From left to right: Krys, our little brother, Ralph, and me, obviously unprepared. And I never do remember to ask mom about those beanies. What were they all about?

Here I am dressed in costume, but we were in Germany and I think the occasion was the Faschingsball, rather than Halloween.  

At my grandma's house carrying around my bib in case of an impending meal? Not sure, LOL.

And here we are in Germany. Little sister, Joyce, riding on Daddy's feet. Ralph is obviously going to be next, LOL. And Krys and I are waiting and cheering. I'm the shorter girl over there.

From left to right: Me, Joyce, Krys, Ralph.  I have no idea where this one was taken. By the dresses, I am thinking we were back home in Minnesota (my parents are from there) because there were some other photos taken of us in those dresses when we were there. Joyce was born in Germany, but not sure how old she was when we left.

Another one in Germany. We are reading the catalogs. We used to love to read catalogs.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I haven't done NaBloPoMo since 2011. I just got tired. And people annoyed me. There always seems to be a clique anytime you have a group of people all doing the same thing. And then it all gets tiring. I need to start my own blogging group. Which, of course, would then become a private clique. Haha. Sigh.
Well, anyway, I am here because my friend and extra daughter person, Becky, mentioned that SHE was doing NaBloPoMo. I wish I had known sooner, but I never go to my blog and therefore, I forget to go to hers. I used to go everyday to read the "Better After" blogs, but I got out of the habit. So now I am going to get in the habit again and even start blogging again and hopefully reading some blogs of people I don't know and commenting and, maybe, find some new blogging buddies. And hopefully, we can keep blogging together even after NaBloPoMo ends.
In the meantime here are a  few pictures to amuse you. Or bore you. Either way is OK with me. I just want to fill up some time and space.

First, is this photo of the beach in October. It was the most beach my friend, Becky, had ever seen on our October trips to the ocean. And by "Becky", I do not mean the above mentioned Becky. It would be nice if I could do something like put their first name and then their last name initial to signal which one I mean, but here is how that would pan out. UP there, it would be Becky W., and then down in this paragraph it would be Becky W. hahaha....Sigh. So up there I am talking about my sort of daughter, Becky, and down here I am talking about my longtime friend, Becky.
Back to the photo...We were able to drive all the way around to Washaway Beach. The tide was really low. And it was really beautiful weather!

Second, is this great picture of Aria playing IN her dollhouse instead of playing WITH her dollhouse. hahahaha...she is so funny! She did, however, get a little stuck and needed my help to leave the land of Lilliputin.

Thirdly, how can you not love this picture of Batman helping us to paint the kids's room? 

These are all pictures from my phone because I am on my laptop and the drive with my photos is on my other computer. Phones do so much these days. 

So there you have it. A pretty random blog, but it's all I have for tonight. Today was a pretty pain intense day for me and I don't have those often. I work hard to keep pain at bay without using medication and today was a total fail. My body was in total rebellion mode. And, just for the record, I am sick of my broken finger. It will be two months in two days and I am ready to be over it now. Another sigh.

Love you, Becky W, the young one. Hope this isn't so random that it's hard to read. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

And in other news...

I need to start blogging again. REALLY!

So, anyway....
I decided to google a few of my names today. It was interesting. Mostly the results were comments I made on other blogs or my photos. This is probably because I haven't been blogging, although I really need to find time again. I miss writing.

I wrote this blog back in January of 2010 in which I talked about a train case that I got from a lady on the North End. She had advertised a free cabinet that I wanted. We spent a lot of time talking and she had lots of neat stuff that I wanted to check out. I was able to get quite a few interesting items, including a "commode" (small table with drawers and shelves that was used for holding the washbowl and pitcher back in the days before plumbing) that was just like the one I was supposed to get from my Grandmother, but never did. Other than the fact that it was used in the garage and was covered in different paint and other interesting stuff, it is identical to the one my Grandmother always promised me. Long story for another time about why I never got the one from my grandmother. Maybe when I get around to refinishing the one I have I will post it on the "Better After" blog. I'm hoping that will be this summer sometime. Oh, I digress...back to the point of my blog.

So, anyway...
Imagine my surprise at finding the following "interpretation" of my blog on a sales site. From what I can gather, their material must be translated from the English language to theirs and then back again to English. That is the only explanation I can come up with for this horrible piece of writing that they have attributed to me. They did credit me at the bottom by showing the source, but what if a person just reads that piece and doesn't bother to check out the source to find out that I really do know how to use the English language? YIKES!

Here is their translation:

A World of Words: The train case.

I don't have notwithstanding today to highlight all the things I got. I do however requirement to put away a blog to this one jotting, the train victim. This was sitting on the patio as I walked up to the back door to batter. I told Tonia set to rights away that I wanted it. I have a train happening that belonged to my old lady and I insufficiency to sit them both in my sewing margin to maintain ribbons and such. Back in the day baggage sets came with these smidgin cases. Some people called them forge-up, cosmetic, or dear cases, but most people (at least the people I knew) called them train cases. I take it for granted it is because more touring took task on trains in those days and in these cases is where you kept your main items for looking your master so that you didn't have to unrestrained and go through your bigger suitcases while traveling. The riveting part about this one is that Tonia's parents outfitted these cases with their own view of tour kits. She said they had divers collections in each one. The one I brought adept in was a coffee kit. Here are the pictures.

Friday, December 02, 2011


Prompt 1.  One word to describe 2011.

Almost three years ago I signed up for Mission 101 in which I had to choose 101 goals to achieve in 1001 days. It was a challenge and I picked some stupid goals (unreached)  and some pretty good goals. One of my goals was to get out more. I worked pretty hard on that one in the last year and in achieving that goal I was also able to simultaneously reach many other goals on my list. I did a lot of travel, I got out to see my friends instead of always making them come to me and I made some changes in my life that were positive and growth oriented.
One thing I didn't do was to ever really finish the challenge by going in and posting my final results. I really should check back and see how some of the others did.
I highly recommend the Mission 101 as a way to really see what things are important to you and really see just how you can challenge yourself. There are many goals on my list that I didn't reach and that's ok with me. I realize that I didn't really take the time to prioritize things. I joined up to the Mission 101 at the last minute and threw my list together quite quickly.  Still, there were things on the list that were just things I needed to get done and accomplishing them helped me immensely with having time for some of the more personal growth style goals.     I'm proudest, though, of my social growth. I stepped out of my comfort zone many times in the past year and made myself go to new places and talk to new people and experience new things. It was nice to get out of the rut and I hope to continue in this vein for the next year, too.
Cheers to growth!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last day of NaBloPoMo

The prompt for today is: What did you learn from doing NaBloPoMo?

I learned a lot from this year's NaBloPoMo.

1. I learned that I have changed and no longer feel excited to blog for the  month of November. That might be in part due to the fact that many of my blogging buddies are no longer doing NaBloPoMo. Most of them aren't even blogging at all.

2. I learned that I don't like Blogher

3. I learned that  forcing myself to partake in something because I "do it every year" is not a good idea.

4. I learned that I need a new and exciting outlet for my writing and a new direction for my blog. (or something like that)

5. I learned that I am not alone in being tired of NaBloPoMo and wanting to move on to something new.

6. I learned that I can complete a task (or series of tasks) even if my heart is no longer in it but that there is no real sense of satisfaction involved.

There are probably more things I could put down, but I'm tired now and want to go try my new Zelda game.