Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saskatchewan: The mushrooms

I have a book on mushrooms, but I have no idea where, so these are not identified. If you know what kind they are, please feel free to share.
In Chris's back yard.

Just coming up.

These look like little beanies to me.

Two little button mushrooms at Nipawin.

In Chris's back yard again.
These look like little daisies.

Regular little brown mushrooms.

At Good Spirit Lake campgrounds.
These were little buttons on the ground. Sam knocked a couple of them over, until I asked him to please stop.

Beautiful white mushroom. I was going to photograph it standing here the next day, but it got picked by a devious little four year old.

Laying on the ground after Sam picked it.

Laying on the ground the next day.

This one is huge, almost six inches across. I found it at the "little house on the prairie" geocache site.


mental mosaic said...

Love the mushroom photos. I can just imagine how good that cool, moist air smells. :)

Becky said...

That one that Sam picked is STUNNING. And I can't believe Mom has so many mushrooms in her backyard! Wild! Literally.

Christine said...

It is all the rain. Becky, maybe you have had them too but Sam has picked them. Hee hee

The Invisible Mo said...

hanks, Tui. It was wonderful up there. A completely different world than the one that I call home and I will miss it so much. I just love the prairies!
Yes, good point, Chris! It is all the rain and, actually, she did have a few when I was poking around back there, but they were already spent and not looking good for photographs.
And, yes, I agree, Becky! It was absolutely stunning. I wanted to go back later and brush the sand off the top and take another few pics, but Sam had other ideas for its future. haha.