Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saskatchewan: Dragonflies!

So many dragonflies! At the lake I was actually sitting on a picnic table in one of the campsites while hundreds of dragonflies flew all around me! I tried to get a picture of how that looked but it is difficult to catch them as they are all going so fast. In the few where the camera did actually pick them up, they were too blended in with the background so they couldn't be seen in the photograph. This first picture is actually one of the big, blue ones streaking past me!

These two were from our walk while at Nipawin.

In Becky's backyard:

On Chris's sidewalk:

At Good Spirit Lake:

This is the only close-up I could get of the big blue ones. They just did not want to sit for photos!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Saskatchewan: The volunteer insects.

I love taking macros and most of my macros are of flowers or bugs or both. I took lots of flower macros while in Saskatchewan and found that many of them included a volunteer insect or two. Here they are!

The mosquito.

The cream and red spider. (look closely under the petals on the rightmost flower.)

The bee. After I noticed him in the picture, I took another few a little closer.

The ant.

Another bee. I was using macro plus zoom for these so I didn't notice the bee in either one until I put them on the computer.

The bees in Chris's garden.
This is one of those flat little blue and white ones.

The fuzzy one.

I love this picture with his antennae held back and together.

No insects were harmed in any way in the making of this blog.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saskatchewan: The mushrooms

I have a book on mushrooms, but I have no idea where, so these are not identified. If you know what kind they are, please feel free to share.
In Chris's back yard.

Just coming up.

These look like little beanies to me.

Two little button mushrooms at Nipawin.

In Chris's back yard again.
These look like little daisies.

Regular little brown mushrooms.

At Good Spirit Lake campgrounds.
These were little buttons on the ground. Sam knocked a couple of them over, until I asked him to please stop.

Beautiful white mushroom. I was going to photograph it standing here the next day, but it got picked by a devious little four year old.

Laying on the ground after Sam picked it.

Laying on the ground the next day.

This one is huge, almost six inches across. I found it at the "little house on the prairie" geocache site.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Saskatchewan: The deer at Good Spirit Lake campgrounds.

The first set suddenly appeared in front of us the first morning while we were on a walk to look around the camp. We first saw a doe and fawn and then noticed there were three of each. The does were not as interested in us as the fawns were. The fawns were very curious about us.

The first Doe

The first Fawn

Two of the fawns trying to decide if they should follow the does.

Turning back to look one more time.

Giving me the stare-down. It actually started moving toward me.

But then it decided to bolt!

Just after lunch and just before we left to go to the beach, these two fawns were grazing right behind Glenn and Becky's clotheslines. The boys and I stood and watched them while everyone else got ready to go. They stayed under the bushes at first, but were very curious and came out to get a better look at us.

Walking to the restroom I came upon three yearlings. Two of them were very skittish and bolted at the sight of me. The other one kept grazing. The two skittish ones kept coming back and then racing away. The other one kept a wary eye on me, but stayed and let me follow her.

The first skittish one as it is about to bolt.

The other skittish one.

The one who let me follow her around.

Our last morning in camp I woke up wondering if I would see any deer. There were lots more people in the camp due to the weekend. I decided not to take my camera with me to the restroom. I got up and opened the door and it slammed against the motor home. As I started to step out, there she was standing right in our campsite watching me! I went back in and got the camera and she just stood there. She grazed a bit and watched me a bit and stayed for quite awhile.

Keeping a watchful eye on me.

Back to grazing until she saw Chris coming.

She was watching Chris coming back to the campsite.

Just as we were packing up to leave, she came back for one more visit.