Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tour of the Cranberry bogs.

Becky and I did the self-guided tour of the cranberry bogs in Grayland while we were there in October. They have a Cranberry Harvest Festival every year there and we were there for that weekend. The self-guided tour is nice and gives you a little information about the bogs and the houses around there. There is only one "wet harvest" cranberry bog in Grayland and somehow I don't have a picture of it, although I thought I took a picture of it. Oh well. It's alright. These are the pictures of the bogs and some people working to harvest them. If you click on the link for the self-guided tour you can read more information. I will post pictures of some of the buildings tomorrow or Monday.

This picture shows the "cribbed ditch". The cribbing keeps the edges from eroding away. This is where the farmers walk.

Berries on the cribbing.

An irrigation ditch.

Light rails are used for the push cars which they use to pick up the bags of cranberries and transport them back to the farm buildings.

This eagle was sitting up in the tree while we were buying our cranberries.

We bought our cranberries here. This owner is the only one who no longer grows for the Ocean Spray company. We bought ten pounds each.

The "Furford" picker. This picker was invented here and is used to dry harvest the cranberries. This guy got off and talked with us for awhile.

Stacked bags of cranberries.

They fill these boxes and then put them out on the driveway for the trucks to pick up.

A shed in the middle of the cranberry bogs.

The light rails and the push carts that travel on them.

They look crooked but they work.

Harvesting involves friends and family.

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mental mosaic said...

Yum! Now I want to make some fresh cranberry sauce.

So everyone else grows for Ocean Spray there, eh? I hope they are doing well for themselves.