Friday, November 26, 2010


Fall color along Highway 4

I have nothing.
Busy day cleaning up outside from the storms, and cleaning up inside to get things ready for decorating.
Ate a turkey dinner without cranberry sauce both today and yesterday and I'm SOOOOOOOO craving some cranberry sauce. I will have to make some tomorrow.
Tired of coughing.
Need to go get ready for work, now.
Maybe I will be more interesting tomorrow.


Christine said...

I bought a couple cans of cranberries yesterday at the grocery store just in case they are all out of fresh cranberries and canned whole cranberries at Christmas. It happens almost every year and I get burnt and have NO cranberries with the turkey which is a travesty of the worst kind. I also got the stuffing and the turkey. Now to decorate.

Christine said...

I almost forgot.


The Invisible Mo said...

Would it be illegal for me to mail you some? Is there any kind of rule about that? Because you know I would.

The Invisible Mo said...

twistsit? LOL

Sounds like a weird exercise routine!

Becky said...

I love that picture. I love trees.

That's not nothing.