Monday, November 22, 2010

Twilight Zone and Deer.

I found out you can't photograph deer at night with my camera unless you either have a tripod or something on which to set the camera. I do have a night setting, but without the tripod it is difficult because I shake a little. I didn't have my tripod, which is too bad, since these guys kept eating while we were sitting there and I was in and out of my car. I also cannot remember how to do manual settings, even though I used an SLR for years that had NO automatic settings. I have to take a course and refresh my knowledge in that area. I will do that once I get my DSLR.

So here you have a little family of black-tailed deer that look like something out of "Twilight Zone". haha.

Here they are with no flash and no light. It wasn't really that dark, yet.

In my headlights:

In my headlights and with flash:

So, there you have it. Some pretty bad photography!


mental mosaic said...

As you may have noticed, I post some pretty blurry stuff on my blog from time to time, too!

Do you ever use a program to lighten up pix like that? I've been known to use Picasa for that when needed.


The Invisible Mo said...

Yes. I have several, plus I pay to use ALL the features of picnik, which I love. I just didn't have time to prepare a better blog. I was looking at how weird they looked and decided that would be a good blog! lol.