Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why I love Picnik!

Picnik is a photo editing program that is easy and fun to use. You can use it for free if you like or you can pay for it, like I do. I pay for it because I like the fun creative features and they are not all available if you use it for free.
So, anyway...
I found the pictures of the two little froggies that insisted on showering with Becky when we were at the ocean. It was difficult to take good pictures of them inside because the bathroom walls were very bright yellow! That is why I only took two pictures of them together.

Here are the original photos and with them are the edited versions that I edited through Picnik. So much fun!


Christine said...

Ummm....what were those frogs doing in the bathroom. I am thinking they were up to no good. This may be the first photo of frog porno the world has ever seen. Now...which one looks the most sexy?

inder: under with a Swedish accent

The Invisible Mo said...

I think because it was wet in there, WAS raining for most of our weekend, so it was wet everywhere.

mental mosaic said...

I have never heard of Picknik before. I'll have to check it out sometime. Lately, I have been using a free program called Paint. I like to pay for programs, though, when I can. I pay for my diary program, for instance, even though the free version is fine. I just think it's a great program.