Monday, November 29, 2010

Pick a reason.

Pick your own reason for why I'm posting this lame blog. I've been busy and that makes blogging harder. I'm excited for November to end. I'm excited to decorate for Christmas and I'm excited to get this room painted so I can put things back where they go.
So I'm doing this quick picture blog of random November blooms...
Because I'm tired of blogging every day.
Because I take pictures constantly.
Because flowers were still blooming in November.
Because there is only one more day in November.
Because my brain is on vacation.
Because I can.


Christine said...

One more day and you did it! I am jealous that you still have flowers! Hrmpht !Hey, are there flowers in January or February?

Sue said...

I am also jealous of flowers in November. Even the ones in my house died.

The Invisible Mo said...

They are all pretty well mushed out now because of that little winter storm we had. Although they could still make another stab at blooming. Mostly now all we have are the bushes that have berries.

The Invisible Mo said...

Oh...and sometimes we do get flowers in January and February, depending on how mild the winter is. We have crocus, which are notorious early bloomers. I even have pics of some in the snow.