Thursday, November 11, 2010

Washington State Surfers

When Becky and I were walking on the beach at Half Moon Bay, we encountered a group of surfers. I surmised, after standing there for most of an hour, that surfing in Washington consists mostly of patience. It also consists of owning a wet suit. The water here is very cold even if it's a nice day.

For most of the time I stood there I saw this, which is surfers waiting, or once in awhile swimming out a little further to the next wave.

Then I watched this guy attempt to surf. Sadly, I missed the picture of him crashing into the water.

This was the only real surfing I saw while I was there. He did pretty good. The waves were furious as it was quite windy, but they just never crested very high.

And there he goes back for another try. He never made another attempt while we were there watching, however.

Then, when we were up on the jetty over on the other side of Half Moon Bay, we saw two more surfers attempting to hit the waves. The waves on that side, while seemingly wild and crashing into the rocks, were not high enough to ride, however. These two surfers did make a few tries, none of which I caught.

Heading out into the water.

Trying to decide to stay or go.

Giving up and leaving.


Christine said...

It looks chilly, Burrr.....

pents: Pull your pents up they ere fellen down.

The Invisible Mo said...

It was actually a beautiful day about 70 degrees or so. The water is cold, though, even on a day like that.

mental mosaic said...


After a triple digit summer, 70 sounds nearly cool to me. I know, it's crazy! Never thought I'd hear myself saying things like, "It's only 80 degrees today." I mean, really, "only" and "80 degrees" in the same sentence? I'm not used to the heat, but I guess I am acclimating.

That said, I used to swim in the Puget Sound in the summer when it was hot... like 70+! Hehe...