Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I always wonder just how houses get abandoned. It always makes me sad to see someone's house abandoned and left all alone. I know sometimes it's because someone with more money wants to do something lucrative with the property and I find it sad. I always think of the families whose home that was. I picture happy family scenes and Christmas trees and fun. I know that some houses must see some ugly stuff, but I never think of that.
Here are some of the neat old or abandoned places we saw on our trip.

An old barn that we saw lying almost flat on the ground. This closer view shows me that they have a stove in there like my old one in the garage and I wonder if I could ask them for the oven rack.

Another view of the barn.

This house looked interesting as we approached it. It was on the other side of the road, but the driveway was open and we had room to park there so I could take some pictures.

I like this picture. It shows that the house seems to be separating from it's addition. The tree in the picture is not only falling on the house, but it has a lot of moss and some ferns growing on it. The outbuilding appears to have tin corrugated roofing put over a shingled roof. This is a place I would love to explore. I would love to go inside these buildings. I would have loved to have gone closer and taken closer pictures, but felt like I would have been trespassing on someone's lost memories without their permission. It would probably have been ok.

The same house from the beginning of the driveway. The driveway is right there at the bottom of the picture. It's a nice winding driveway. It was hard to walk away without walking up it to see the house.

What used to be a shed on the same property with that house.

This poor house has seen better days. It is another one that makes me want to go explore inside, though.

As seen from the road. Do you think if you stepped inside on the left side there, it would tip it over?

A barn or shed losing the battle.

This house still stands tall, but the vegetation is gradually taking it over. I couldn't tell if it was still whole, but I think it is still standing, just buried in the brush.


Becky said...

I always wonder that too! Who were they? When did they build the house? Why did they leave it? Why did they stop fixing it up, and just leave it there? How many children grew up there? Were they dreamers like me, staring out the window onto the prairie, imagining the day they would leave and find their own lives? Were there tearful goodbyes? Did someone ever stand on the step and watch as a person they loved drove up to the house? Did they run out to greet them? Did they go into the house together, maybe for Christmas? What was the last Christmas in the house like? What was the last meal cooked in the house?


I could go on. But you and I are so much the same, I probably didn't need to write all that.

That one two-story with the addition, that makes me wonder all those things. And then some. LOL.


the house that seen it all.

The Invisible Mo said...

I knew that you would completely understand what I was talking about. And the one with the addition really had me, too. There was quite a pull to that one to go in and get some clues.

Christine said...

When I was young and staying with a friend in the mountains there was an old house. My friend and I went through it and it felt so sad. There were dirty dishes on the table, a box of crayons scattered on the floor along with some old catalogues and magazines. There were the odd piece of furniture along with one old rusty bed with a tattered old blanket on it. Most items were removed but here were these things just left. In my imagination the people in the house because they sickened and had to go to the hospital and then died. The last guy living did what he could with the belongings that had value but just left the rest as he too became too ill to do anything more.

I was such a cheery child. After that experience I have been leery to go look inside an abandoned house. Who knows what the next scenario that my fertile imagination would come up with.

haerse: change a couple of letters around and you have hearse. Creepy eh?

The Invisible Mo said...

LOL...I actually started writing a story about this family that left their house abandoned in New Hazelton, BC. It was the other house on a property that my friend rented. We went in and looked around. That house was left standing still in time. The kids's toys were on the floor, dishes on the table, dishes in the sink, books, magazines. Everything looked as if they had suddenly decided to go out for ice cream and were coming back. The property was wonderful. The father had gotten old cars and even a tank for the kids to play in. He built them a two-story fort and had a little cannon on the top floor. It was the neatest place. My friend told me the man was from Wyoming and his wife from B.C. suddenly became ill and died. He packed up all the kids and moved back to Wyoming and never came back. Sad. I am writing the story with only a few of the facts, but will fill it in with my own imagination. So your imagination is not that far off from the truth of some of these things, I think. My friend's mom never set foot inside her home again after her husband died. She got an apartment, all new furniture and clothes and to this day has never gone back in that house. They sold it and all his antiques were sitting in the garage for the longest time. I'm not sure if they are still there or not. You would think the new owners would want them gone.

The Invisible Mo said...

*She* suddenly became ill.