Friday, November 05, 2010

1700 Feet to the Beach

Our little cabin at Kenanna RV Park in Grayland sat near the back of the park. Right out our door was a road which ran around the whole park and in between the grassy sections where the RVs hooked up. Our first morning there we decided to take a walk around, and check out the rest of the site. Where the road turned to go around to the other side of the park was a sign that said, "1700 feet to the ocean beaches". We decided to follow the path and go to the beach, but sadly we couldn't go to the actual beach because we were not wearing waders. It was a nice walk though with lots of little hills, bends and turns in the path as you can see in these pictures. Not the most exciting blog, but there you have it!

The beginning was a little muddy.

After a bit it got a little firmer and there was more grass.

As we got closer the brush got brushier!

Stopped by the water! DRAT!!@


Christine said...

That looks just like the "ROAD" we went down with Angela when we went Geo cashing, you know, the one with the stop sign.


cra# got stuck in the muck.

The Invisible Mo said...


That is still one of my favorite memories of that trip. Who knew they had transcontinental snowmobile routes? LOL.