Thursday, November 18, 2010

Along the Columbia.

We found this little, tiny, RV park, nestled between the Columbia River and the highway. We pulled in and got out to stretch our legs and use the facilities, which were somewhat primitive, but freshly cleaned. I took these pictures, we walked around a bit and then back in the car and on our way again!

Barges being pushed down the river by a tugboat.

The day kept alternating between misty and clear with a gentle rain for much of it.

There are tent sites to the right of the walkway in this picture. Maybe next time we will take a walk down that walkway and see where it goes.

Beautiful, even with the gray weather!

Maybe the walkway ends at this beach. It looks like a nice little beach.

I think that is a house over on the right. Nice place to live.

Panoramic view looking across the river to the other side.


Christine said...

Washington has so may beautiful places. It is pretty in the mist. I am jealous. You have green living things around you still. My back yard is under a foot of snow. At least the sun is shining. I guess we have that, lots of sunshine that is.


The Invisible Mo said...

I think I saw something resembling the sun earlier when I got up. I've been sitting in my room with no window. I should go see if it is still out there. Feeling lazy, but have so much to do.
We are supposed to get the white stuff this year.