Tuesday, November 09, 2010


If you don't want to see lots of pictures of a little froggie, then move on! LOL. This little guy liked to shower with Becky while we were at Grayland. He had a buddy that also liked to be in the shower, but when I took my camera down, this was the only one there. I also have some pics taken in the yard of our cabin. Maybe he followed Becky home.

Sitting on the counter.

Getting ready to jump.

Barely bigger than a crane fly.

Getting ready to climb the wall.

Climbing the wall.

In the grass.

It was hard to get him in the grass, so I put him on a piece of bark.

Sitting on the bark.

Thanks for looking. Bye now!


Christine said...

He is adorable. Great pictures.

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks, Chris.

mental mosaic said...

I miss those adorable little green frogs. They are so adorable. I love frogs!

Here in Texas we have huge bullfrogs. The first time I heard one croak, I thought it was the neighbor struggling to start his lawn mower! They are hard to photograph because they are so timid, despite their size.

Great photos! :)

Becky said...


Becky said...


(then galli)

(joinvest is a weird one hey? like some kind of vest cult. that you can join.)

The Invisible Mo said...

@Tui...I heard a big frog or toad at the ocean, but I couldn't find it to take a picture.
@Becky...I used to have lots of vests. Actually, I think I still have them because I liked them and didn't want to throw it away.
Maybe I'm supposed to join them together. Or maybe they are telling Jo to invest.