Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wildlife Viewing

Along the way to the Grays River Covered Bridge we saw this wildlife refuge. It said there were whitetail deer there and they had these nice little viewing areas where you could watch them without disturbing them.

I thought it was kind of cool, but we didn't get to see any wildlife. It was the wrong time of day. A nice couple got out to stretch there, also, and Becky asked them some questions about the ferry because we had just seen a sign for a ferry over to Oregon. It happens they were from Oregon and often take drives in that area for the weekends. We mentioned the bridge and they said they had seen the signs, but had never gone to it. They also mentioned that they had just come from a really nice little cafe near the bridge and that the food and service was excellent. They didn't know the name. After looking at the bridge and taking photos we headed back to the only cafe we had seen which was actually back in Skawakama. It didn't seem right. I remembered him saying something about stairs and there were none. We asked about the cinnamon rolls that he had mentioned and the girls there knew nothing about it. They were, however, able to direct us to the right place and took no offense that we were not eating at their establishment. (they had NO customers at all, so I felt bad leaving, but we really wanted to try the place that the gentleman had recommended.)
They directed us to the right place, a little place called the Grays River Cafe. If you get down that way, go there to eat. It is great home cooking. It is very delicious and nice sized portions. We got a cinnamon roll to go and ate it later with coffee from the only open coffee kiosk in Long Beach. It was yummy. Okay. I need to go get ready for work. But that is my blog for today!

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mental mosaic said...

Sounds like another fun day exploring on your road trip! Cinnamon rolls sound awfully good right now... :) ~Tui