Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 16

Thirteen things I could be doing instead of sitting here at my computer:

1. Working out in the garage. (I have lots to do out there.)
2. Sorting through the computer parts so I can get rid of 9/10 of them.
3. Sorting through the toys so I can get rid of 1/4 of them.
4. Measuring and drawing out plans for the bird flight cage I want to build.
5. Scrubbing the bathroom walls with TSP so I can finish painting in there.
6. Sewing quilts that I need to finish.
7. Measuring and cutting the vinyl flooring I am going to patchwork in the kitchen. (Like a patchwork quilt for the floor.)
8. Playing Zelda. (OH, I so want to start a new Zelda game.)
9. Weeding and digging and otherwise busying myself in the yard.
10. Mowing the dog's yard, so I can close up the opening to the crawl space and put her new doghouse out there. (and hope she uses it.)
11. Finish cleaning the patio and getting rid of stuff out there.
12. Sorting the things on and in my desk. (Paperwork multiplies like bunnies when no one is looking.)
13. Bringing my speakers in from the garage and setting up my stereo system now that I have a 100CD cd player that I got FREE from Craig's list. I'm loving the Craig's list thing.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Ok...trying to get back on track.
Here you go.

Logan and his Grandpa at the horse show. (A couple of them won't turn correctly, even though I rotated them in the photo program.)
The last two, Logan is chewing on his crocs and making a lovely sound!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen on Friday.

So, I'm going to combine my Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen. Here are thirteen things I need to work on, finish or do.

I'm feeling so far behind. Every time I have days off, it is too cold or rainy to work in the yard. The yard is getting way ahead of me. YIKES!

Oh well! I'm only one human. I can only do so much.

Without further ado:

1. Repot most of my plants. (Please ignore the cobweb in the picture. I have to remove them weekly around here. Too many spiders!)

2. Move my washer and dryer. (I want them perpendicular to where they are now.)

3. Install the ceiling molding in the bathroom.

4. Sort through and discard most of my leftover computer parts.

5. Sort and put away the toys removed from what used to be the playroom.

6. Have a garage sale.

7. Finish this quilt.

8. Paint my bedroom, so I can put down this floor.

9. Remove all this growth and gravel this area. Plant flowers in all those containers.

10. Dig out this bush and remove all growth here for a deck to be built this summer.

11. Reclaim this flower bed.

12. (Blurry because I forgot to remove the macro). Landscape here. This is the hill of stuff we bulldozed from the driveway. I'm going to sift it to remove rocks and growth and then smooth it out and add a couple of small plants and bushes to provide interest in this area.

13. Finish building the shelves in the garage so this Christmas stuff can be removed from what I used to call my living room and right now I call my storage facility.

Whatever !

I really suck at Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen lately. I chose these two because they occur on my days off. Things have been a bit hectic. I will do my Thursday Thirteen tomorrow for Friday. (I hope). Otherwise I will skip a week again.
Things have just been too busy.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 14, I think.

Thirteen Things about me that start with the letter S.

1. Studious...I love to study. Even though I'm not in school, I still like to study and research. I've been doing a lot of research lately on many subjects.

2. Silly...I love a good time being silly. This is especially fun if you add a couple of small children.

3. Sarcastic...I enjoy a little sarcasm now and then. The funny thing is that I don't always recognize it when I'm on the receiving end because I'm a little bit gullible.

4. Sensuous...I'm a Taurus. Need I say more? My senses were always highly tuned. As I age I struggle with the declining of the senses, especially smell and taste. I love activities that saturate my senses.

5. Smart...My IQ is still between 125 and 150, depending on which test I take and whether or not I am tired when I take it. (I test it regularly because of the memory issues I have.) When I was younger it was 164. Even though I'm smart, I'm still very gullible and sometimes naive about things. I'm very good at completely missing subtle (and not-so-subtle) jokes.

6. Second...I'm the second of six children; three boys and three girls. The youngest boy is twenty years younger than I am.

7. Senior...I'm officially a Senior citizen. I forget most of the time and don't remember that I can get a discount on things.

8. Short...I'm tall for a short person at 5'4", but I'm still short compared to a tall person.

9. Sense of humor...I don't know how anyone survives this life without a sense of humor. I know it keeps me going. I thank my mom for giving me a great sense of humor.

10. Sensible...I have a lot of common sense. Again, I credit my mom. She taught us a lot of common sense stuff. I don't need warnings like this:

11. Slow...Another Taurus trait is plodding like an ox. Yeah. So what? I move slowly when I'm not sure which way I'm going. I am an excellent procrastinator and use this skill to my advantage when I don't know which way to go. Some of my friends find my slow, plodding ways annoying. I'm ok with that. When I want to light the fire under myself for getting a project done, I plan a party. That forces me to finish things or get to things that I otherwise put off.

12. Sensitive...Sometimes I am too sensitive for my own good. It can get annoying, both to myself and to others. I take things personally sometimes, that aren't meant to be personal at all. I've tried most of my life to get a thicker skin, but it just doesn't work for me at all. I've learned to deal with it. Hopefully, others can learn to deal with it, also.

13. Strong...I am strong in many ways. I am still strong physically, but not as strong as I used to be and that annoys me. I am strong emotionally in some ways, but not in all ways. I have strong opinions, but seldom argue them unless I have a good debating partner. I enjoy a good debate when two people (or more) can each share their opinion, disagree, and still come out friends. My opinions were much stronger when I was younger. Now, it's more like, 'heh, whatever!'.