Friday, May 09, 2008

Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen on Friday.

So, I'm going to combine my Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen. Here are thirteen things I need to work on, finish or do.

I'm feeling so far behind. Every time I have days off, it is too cold or rainy to work in the yard. The yard is getting way ahead of me. YIKES!

Oh well! I'm only one human. I can only do so much.

Without further ado:

1. Repot most of my plants. (Please ignore the cobweb in the picture. I have to remove them weekly around here. Too many spiders!)

2. Move my washer and dryer. (I want them perpendicular to where they are now.)

3. Install the ceiling molding in the bathroom.

4. Sort through and discard most of my leftover computer parts.

5. Sort and put away the toys removed from what used to be the playroom.

6. Have a garage sale.

7. Finish this quilt.

8. Paint my bedroom, so I can put down this floor.

9. Remove all this growth and gravel this area. Plant flowers in all those containers.

10. Dig out this bush and remove all growth here for a deck to be built this summer.

11. Reclaim this flower bed.

12. (Blurry because I forgot to remove the macro). Landscape here. This is the hill of stuff we bulldozed from the driveway. I'm going to sift it to remove rocks and growth and then smooth it out and add a couple of small plants and bushes to provide interest in this area.

13. Finish building the shelves in the garage so this Christmas stuff can be removed from what I used to call my living room and right now I call my storage facility.


Christine said...

That is a lot of work! Whew! I got tired thinking about it and I don't have to do it!dgfdz

The Invisible Mo said...

LOL. I'm looking forward to some of the challenges. I just wish the weather and my body would both cooperate at the same time! It's annoying when it's nice and my body doesn't want to work right and when my body is humming along, it is raining cats and dogs. AN.NOY.ING!

The Invisible Mo said...

p.s. You're getting pretty good at adding the captcha to your comments, haha! Just kidding!

Christine said...

Dang! LOL