Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 16

Thirteen things I could be doing instead of sitting here at my computer:

1. Working out in the garage. (I have lots to do out there.)
2. Sorting through the computer parts so I can get rid of 9/10 of them.
3. Sorting through the toys so I can get rid of 1/4 of them.
4. Measuring and drawing out plans for the bird flight cage I want to build.
5. Scrubbing the bathroom walls with TSP so I can finish painting in there.
6. Sewing quilts that I need to finish.
7. Measuring and cutting the vinyl flooring I am going to patchwork in the kitchen. (Like a patchwork quilt for the floor.)
8. Playing Zelda. (OH, I so want to start a new Zelda game.)
9. Weeding and digging and otherwise busying myself in the yard.
10. Mowing the dog's yard, so I can close up the opening to the crawl space and put her new doghouse out there. (and hope she uses it.)
11. Finish cleaning the patio and getting rid of stuff out there.
12. Sorting the things on and in my desk. (Paperwork multiplies like bunnies when no one is looking.)
13. Bringing my speakers in from the garage and setting up my stereo system now that I have a 100CD cd player that I got FREE from Craig's list. I'm loving the Craig's list thing.


Patty said...

Great list I hope you get some of it done!

Cynthia said...

Oh, my youngest is named Logan too.

I would love to see a picture of your patchwork kitchen floor. Sounds fascinating.

The Invisible Mo said...

@patty: Thanks, and I did get some of it done. Actually several of the things got done, so that was good. I tend to get energy in the evening, so that helps.
@cynthia: Logan is my grandson. I will post pictures of my floor when it is done. I will use it for a Wordless Wednesday. I'm just now drawing out the plans. I'm not sure when I will be putting it down.

Christine said...

Logan is such a cuttie! I love the picture of him with the dog. It is comical because it looks like they are sniffing noses. Too cute! I have been working like mad and trying to get things done but feel like I am getting more and more I am just spinning my wheels! I have to finish my gardening this afternoon and clean the house again. It just won't seem to stay clean.

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks for the compliments on Logan. I love that picture. My daughter took it. It is her friend's dog and Logan just loved him.
I know exactly what you mean. "The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get!" That is why I have decided to pare some things out for now. I'm giving away ALL my computer parts, a big step for me. I'm also making the quality decision to NOT grow a veggie garden this year. I need to tame the rest of the yard, first. (and the garage). I've been working hard to make sure the boys understand that I'm not the maid, but I sabotage myself by being selfish about housework. But I still expect them to at least pick up after themselves. In other words, I will gladly wash the dishes, but they need to be the ones to bring them to the sink.
It's a transition.

Christine said...

I have been transitioning for years! Does it ever end?