Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Waterfall. (or was it The Rocks?)

Our Sunday drive to Long Beach took us along the Columbia River. We saw a pretty waterfall, and I actually backed up along the shoulder of the highway in order to park, so we could get out and take pictures. There wasn't "that very much" traffic, anyways, to incorporate one of Jeren's classic phrases when he was little. Be sure to double click the pictures to enlarge them. (especially the rock formation pictures)

This is the pretty little waterfall we saw.

This is our view of it as we got out of the car. Notice the rock hill behind the tree, which quickly became our focus.

I was in awe of this rock formation. There are so many textures and colors on this piece of rock.

A better look at the rock. It is hard to know where to look because there are so many things to see. Is this natural or from blasting? or ? I have no idea, but sadly it was too big for me to bring it home.

A close-up of the columnar area of the rock. All I can say here is, "WOW!" I see cheek to cheek smiling faces with boxes stacked on their heads. What about you? It's amazing to think how these stacked boxes were created.

My car looks so far away. Maybe it's one of those "it's closer than it appears" things without the mirrors. (Twilight Zone music, please). That is how far I backed up!

I see faces up there, too, and so did my photo program, lol. Love the mist. It kept coming and going all day long.

Just another view of the up and the mist.

Over on the Columbia we saw this thing. It's not actually on the Columbia proper. It is a little side stream off the main river.

I zoomed in closer to see it was a boat landing. Are those littler gray things showers? or more light?

Where the Columbia and the little stream converge. The water was so still it was beautiful and I love the misty look. Not that I haven't mentioned it several times already.


Sue said...

Great pictures!

Christine said...

So pretty! I love the rocks. they look man made like some ancient ruin.

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks, Sue.
Yes, Chris. That is what I thought, too. It would be interesting to know how they got that way. Was it from blasts or an earthquake or ?