Monday, November 08, 2010

Beautiful Wash-Away Beach

Becky and I visited Wash-Away Beach while we were at the Ocean in October. A nice couple we met told us the best way to get down there to walk on it. Here are the photos. As always, clicking on the pictures will enlarge them.

These two photos showing a beautiful expansive beach area are brought to you by Erosion and TheTideIsOut.

Near this spot I heard someone say, "Where is the ladder?" I looked up to see a guy and his dog looking for the ladder they had used the day before to climb down to the beach. About fifteen feet of ground had fallen, and taken the ladder with it. This happened between his walk the day before and these pictures taken on Friday, October 8.

Trees litter the beaches here as they fall with the ground.

I walked a long way to get this picture of this house. At this point it still had about 35 feet of yard in front of it. We got home on Sunday night and on Monday this house was on the news. Then finally it fell to the beach on October 24th.

Showing the ground falling.

Freshly fallen fir tree.

The destruction of erosion.


mental mosaic said...

Whoa! That is some major erosion, Sheila! Love your photos. Where did you stay during your trip, btw? Hotels, motels, RV? Just curious... I love to daydream about trips!

Christine said...

Beautiful! I wanna go!


Becky said...

lol. Whoops. That was me. Go see Mom's blog to see why I was logged into her account. ;)


Christine said...

Oh, that messed with my mind for a second as I did not remember writing that comment.

Why is the beach washing away at this time. The house looks like it has been there for a while and not washed away into the ocean so what at this time is going on? You know me, I need to know this. What if it keeps on going like some mutant monster and continues to wash away the shore line until it gets to my place.

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The Invisible Mo said...

@Tui...We really wanted to stay in a Yurt but for some reason they all showed as booked for that weekend. We found some cute little cabins (look down a few blogs on my page) at an RV park and stayed there for 40 dollars a night x 3 nights for a total of 60 dollars each person. Not a bad price. That is the off-season price.
@Becky as Christine...venontip? hahahahahaha
@Becky...Can't wait untsill I see you again? LOL on the links and read the news stories or watch the videos and the first link actually gives a little history. It's been washing away for 120 years I think it said. There were houses on that beach in the first two pictures. It used to be up about ten feet higher back in the nineties and there were houses there.