Saturday, November 06, 2010


Raise your hand if you play "Animal Crossing".

I love that game, although I still prefer the Gamecube version over the newer Wii version. In the Gamecube version you can hunt for mushrooms between Oct.15th and Oct. 25th. There are five mushrooms each morning, if you get out there right at 8am and hunt for them. They decrease over the hour between 8 and 9, and are all gone by 9am, so it's kind of like the early bird thing.
I tend to time travel when I play this game because I get bored with it if I just do each day when I get to it. This means I set the time and day each time I turn it on to play. Otherwise, it is a game that keeps real time. There are some things you don't get if you time travel, because you have to go back on consecutive days in order for them to work, but otherwise it is your choice.
Anyway...I thought it was just random that they had you go mushroom hunting in October, but apparently that is based on when mushrooms sprout in the real world. I say that, because, on our trip to the ocean we saw more mushrooms than I think I've ever seen before. Mushrooms were everywhere and there was quite a variety, too. Here are some pictures of some of the mushrooms we saw. These are the ones from around our RV park. Tomorrow I will post the ones from Twin Harbors State Park.


Mario style but brown instead of red. The actual name is Amanita Muscaria.

There is a little pool of water on this one with leaves floating in it.


Christine said...

Mike just bought me Animal Crossing for Game Cube. I have not hooked it up and played it yet. I am afraid too. The last thing I need is another addiction. Maybe when November is finished and I don't have to blog everyday I will have a little extra time.

mental mosaic said...

I've never played Animal Crossing, but you reminded me of something that would be fun to post about - thanks!

I love your photos! The Amanita Muscaria is one of my faves, but it's hard to choose.

The Invisible Mo said...

@Christine...hook it up and play it. At one time I had three memory cards with three towns. I had four characters in one town, two in the other two towns. I did very little else but play Animal Crossing, but I loved it. If you ever get the Wii we could actually play and talk together if you buy the Animal Crossing with the Wii Speak. It's fun, but I still love the game cube one the best and now I just want to go hook it up and play. But I will finish dinking around on line first and then paint before I play. My town names were Meander, Roam, and Wander. That is how I became Donatelo. He was one of my characters in Animal Crossing, along with MoRain, Poofana and Stevers. They were a happy group! LOL.

@Tui...Go a gamecube and become an addict! LOL. It's a silly little game where you live with animals and do chores for them in exchange for furniture and clothing and money. Runs in real time but I time travel when I play it. I love the snow because I love the igloo games. The animals cheat, though. haha. Their sense of humor is great!