Friday, November 19, 2010


Oysterville is a quiet little town on the Long Beach peninsula. It is a place I would like to revisit and explore a little more. It was getting quite dusky by the time we got there so these pics are a little dark. I will definitely be looking for a time when Becky and I can go stay for a few days on the Long Beach peninsula. There is way too much to see in the hour or so we had before complete darkness set in on us.

A very common site near the water are these hills of oyster shells. Some people use them in their landscaping or as filler in low areas.

Just a pretty view of the bay.

I think these are crab pots used to catch crab.

Rows of metal fencing of some sort. I'm thinking these have something to do with the oysters.

Hills of oyster shells and a neat looking old warehouse or processing building.

A closer look.

Even closer.

From the side with an old boat. This is something I might put on canvas.

The Oysterville one room school. There is a little historical district that we definitely want to go back and see when we have more light and time. Lots of neat buildings, all described on signs out front. Very nice little area.

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mental mosaic said...

Looks so northwesty! I can just feel the misty air and wonderful seaside smells.

My friend, Alix, sent me an oyster shell a few months ago. Makes me think of home. :)