Sunday, November 07, 2010

More mushrooms...

Here are the mushrooms we found at Twin Harbors State Park.

This is a brown version of the "Mario" mushrooms, Amanita muscaria. (Variety formosa)

One of the fawns took a bite out of this one as they walked through.

Pretty little brown one. I haven't identified them all, yet.

This may be a type of amanita that is very poisonous, but I haven't made a positive ID yet.


mental mosaic said...

Where is Twin Harbors State Park? I haven't heard of it.

Great mushroom pix!

The badge? Should I know what you mean by that? Guess I need to read further! :)

Christine said...

Somehow they don't look real, they look too fantastic to be real.

The Invisible Mo said...

@Tui...I was going to make that a link but my computer wouldn't load the site yesterday, so I will link it today so you can see where that park is. It's near Westport.
The badge is the "NaBloPoMo" badge. I want to make my own. Their badge is blah to me.

@Christine...I couldn't believe how many varieties they had but some of my pictures were too blurry to use. I will label them today. I ran out of time yesterday and just wanted to get it up. I'm short on time today, too!