Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saskatchewan: Dragonflies!

So many dragonflies! At the lake I was actually sitting on a picnic table in one of the campsites while hundreds of dragonflies flew all around me! I tried to get a picture of how that looked but it is difficult to catch them as they are all going so fast. In the few where the camera did actually pick them up, they were too blended in with the background so they couldn't be seen in the photograph. This first picture is actually one of the big, blue ones streaking past me!

These two were from our walk while at Nipawin.

In Becky's backyard:

On Chris's sidewalk:

At Good Spirit Lake:

This is the only close-up I could get of the big blue ones. They just did not want to sit for photos!


Christine said...

I never realized that they come in so many different colours. So neat.

The Invisible Mo said...

Me either, actually.

Sue said...

WOw! Great pictures yet again.