Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just some pics

Taking a nap in the tree.

The view from our hotel balcony in Ventura.

The beach right outside our hotel in Ventura.

On top of the world at Twin Peaks in San Francisco.

The lovely beach at Pacifica, Ca.
My sister used to live a block from the beach, there.

The view from my friend's kitchen. (uncropped)

Old Faithful, picking up steam.

My son and my favorite part of the states.
South Dakota's black hills.

Again, the black hills.

Mount Rushmore.


Christine said...

That child sitting on top of the world causes my heart to beat faster! GET HER DOWN! Yes...I know that this is an old photo and she is no longer precariously perched on top of the world...ahem...excuse me...I do have some issues. LOL

The Invisible Mo said...

I have trouble with edges, also, but on the other side of that part of the wall it is only a 2 foot drop. I took the picture from an angle that makes it look like there is nothing behind the wall. haha.