Thursday, September 02, 2010

Great Aunt Carrie's drawing.

I love children's art work. This particular drawing is very old. It was done by my Great Aunt Carrie when she was 12 in 1914. It is in the back of her school dictionary. I'm seriously considering framing it and putting it on the wall. It shows their barn, house and even the outhouse. I'm not sure if the big animal in the back by the barn is a goat or a cow, but I think it's a cow and I love that it is huge and the horses in the barn are small. I also love that she put a little bird in the branch of the bush! I think the little black blobby thing in the doorway is supposed to be a person coming out of the house. And I wonder if the little black thing under the cow's tail is ...well, a cow pie. That is how it looks to me. The tail is up and they do put their tails up when they drop the goods! hahahaha....
I just love this picture and I love it even more because it was drawn almost a hundred years ago!

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