Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Long ago, but not far away, I used to do ceramics. I would go weekly to this nice lady's house and buy, clean and paint ceramic figurines. It was a fun artistic pursuit and I made a lot of cute things to use during holiday seasons. I painted a really nice scarecrow and a lovely witch on a pumpkin for the fall season and halloween. Sadly, I got rid of the witch during a witch hunt. Sometimes people get some crazy ideas. What can I say?
I still have the scarecrow, however. Well, I technically don't have him. I let Keri keep him after Thanksgiving last year or maybe the year before. She always liked him and I can still see him when she puts him up at her house. Since I am giving her sister one of my paintings I figure it works out quite nicely that they will each have a piece of my artwork.
We went over to Keri's the other day for Logan's birthday and she met me at the car to tell me that she had a surprise for me. She took me in to see it. It was a nice surprise. I had entered both the witch and the scarecrow in the fair back when I first made them and they both won ribbons. The scarecrow won a BLUE ribbon! I was so excited! Her dad was going through things and he found the blue ribbon and brought it to her for the scarecrow.

Doesn't he look lovely with his blue ribbon hanging from his arm?

And here is his backside.

I think he looks pretty good for being over thirty. He's probably at least 37. I would have to go research some pictures to remember the exact year. Or maybe I scratched it into the bottom of the piece. I'll have to look next time I'm over there.

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Sue said...

Nice Job!!! He is really cute!