Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm dusting off the keyboard and going to try and get some blogging fitted into my now crazily busy schedule. I've been playing with my new camera. I can see I will be going from a camera junkie to a lens junkie. I already need a dedicated macro and a longer telephoto. Sigh. Here are a few of the pics I have taken so far. I've had a few mishaps. I took a bunch at Wapato Lake only to get home and realize I hadn't put the CF card in the camera. haha
I went to the lake again and made sure I had everything, but I ended up with ERR 99. This was annoying because what it means is that the shutter doesn't complete its action and so no picture is taken. I found that by turning it off and on I could take a few pics. But it was frustrating.
I read up on that issue when I got home. They had some remedies, which I tried. They worked great on the kit lens, but did not work great on the 80 -200 lens. They do work part time on that lens, but it's frustrating to not know if you're going to get the shot or not. I am thinking I might need a new shutter. I am going to write the seller and ask him for an estimate of how many shots he thinks he took. I saw three different numbers, as relates to the life expectancy of the shutter. It's not a super expensive repair and would still keep my camera in the "good deal" range. I will see how it works with the lenses that I am going to order this week.
Anything below, that looks like a macro, isn't necessarily a true macro. I have to back up and zoom in on things to get these "macros", hence my need for a dedicated macro lens. I will post more pictures tomorrow or the next day. (Hopefully)

Mom gave me this because she doesn't do well with plants.
It is quite lovely and I can't wait to have a place in which to plant it.
The tulip is in the background.

My tulip with the sun shining through it.

I love the little curlies on this dandelion.
But then I love dandelions!

I discovered that there were turtles living in Wapato Lake. This is where I can see I need a better telephoto. The one that I have is 80 - 200. That is not sufficient for what I want to do with my camera. I want those turtles to be up close and personal without me being up close and personal.

The camera does have a better white balance. It gives a much truer color indoors than my Fujifilms do. This is looking from the living room into the hall.

This is the corner of my living room.

I love how the raindrops are on the underside of these leaves. I didn't see them when I focused because I don't use my glasses when composing pictures. I also don't see all the detail sometimes. It gives me little surprises. The camera forced flash on this one.

The flowering quince. This one is the natural light.

Flowering quince again. This one was with flash, a setting the camera chose. I had it set on portrait.

This is not a great photo of this little Junco, but it is better than I can do with my Fujifilm. The Fuji, being a point and shoot, cannot separate the bird from the closely matching background. The DSLR can. Yay.
He was singing his little lungs out. This is another reason I need a better telephoto. I want to get birds without having to get so close that I scare them away. This was the best I could do with the lens I have.

One of the first I took of the tulips and one of my favorites, too. I love the green in this picture and the fact that the tulip hasn't colored up, yet. I also love the texture.


Christine said...

Ready go! Or as Hannah says "Redit...go" Love the shots.

The Invisible Mo said...

LOL...I wish I could see her.
Thanks, Chris.
It's almost redit...go for our road trip. I am getting so excited!

Sue said...

I always love your pictures. Amazing!