Thursday, May 05, 2011

Look what I've got.

I've wanted this for a long time.

It belonged to my neighbor, Frank Kobe. He died last year. I miss seeing him sitting out in his chair trimming his juniper. I personally hate juniper, but Frank had it planted around his windmills. Frank built windmills and whirligigs and weather vanes of all sorts. I can't remember just how long this chicken whirligig has been around, but I think it was built already when we moved here. He and his wife lived in this neighborhood when we first moved here in 1965. I was fifteen. They were very nice people. Frank used to give my little brother rides around his yard on this contraption he built. It was pulled by his dog using a harness. The dog was a German Shepherd named Mike. I can still remember how my brother used to love riding that crazy flat contraption!
Frank and Phyllis are both gone now, but his nephew bought the house "as is" so that he could be the one to go through stuff and decide what to do with it. I stopped by the other day and asked if he would be interested in selling me the chicken whirligig. He agreed to sell it to me for 20 dollars. SCORE!

Frank was a handy guy. Click here to see his windmills. He also built that fence, which included wagon wheels. I wish I had taken a better picture of that to include the wheels, because the wheels are gone now. Another neighbor bought those from the nephew. That neighbor told the nephew that he had wanted them for a long time, too.

I am so happy to have this whirligig! I can't wait to repaint it and freshen it up and find a permanent place for it to reside!

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Christine said...

Very cool. I love the windmills! they are incredible.