Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

My wordless Wednesdays are never wordless. Oh are some of my favorite pictures from when the kids were little. Most of them are of Jeren because I need a scanner, so these are what were already in my files. I may have posted some of them before.

Jeren sleeping. Notice he has a binky in his mouth, a cup under his arm and a reserve binky in his hand. He laid down next to the library books so he could read, but never made it that far.

Jeren and Grandpa

What Jeren's sister did to him when she got him out of the tub.

My favorite picture of Sean and David.

My favorite picture of Keri and Jeren. They were my two binky babies. She always used hers correctly, but Jeren always used his upside down.

This picture amuses me. They are waiting for the fire. We forgot to take firewood and were trying to get a fire from stuff we found on the beach.

This is what Sean used to do when you told him to smile.

Jeren and his friend Dennis on the trampoline in the leaves.


Jody said...

That first picture is priceless!

It looks like you have a wonderful family. Thank you for sharing them with us.

The Invisible Mo said...

You're welcome! There are more, I just need to scan all my old photos. Ugh...sounds like a chore! haha.

Christine said...

That last picture is hilarious. Noah alway had to have three soothers to go to sleep. One for the mouth and one for each hand. He would often have it upside down in his mouth too. I have lots of pictures to scan too. one of these days I will do some more. I kind of do them in bits and pieces.

Lisa Newton said...

Great pictures.............:)

My Wordless Wednesday Walker are never wordless either.

I didn't post this Wednesday, but I'll have an interesting Saturday edition tomorrow...........:)

The Invisible Mo said...

@Christine...I have to get a new printer/scanner. I put Vista on my laptop and it will not recognize the old one. I've downloaded the fix for it several times, but it won't install properly. I'm going to get a desktop computer as soon as I decide which one and then I will get a new printer/scanner that should also work with the laptop.

@Lisa...thanks! I'm not very good at the wordless thing. I do have my quiet moments. They are just very infrequent. haha.