Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

The Terrorists and Their Toys.
For some reason blogspot keeps turning my pictures back to their original orientation, even though I've turned them in my photo program. I'm not sure why. Sorry about that.

The magic tumbling playhouse with Betty and Grrr rolling around.

Betty on the downside.

Penny and Betty

Penny deciding who to attack.

They love ball chaser. Betty trying to get it out.

Grrr trying to get it out.

Here you can see the box they like to run into, which causes it to fly across the floor with them inside of it. Sometimes they land on top of it instead of inside. It still flies across the floor with them, either way.

This tent keeps collapsing but they can get in it anyway. I'm working on a fix for it.

Grrr sitting inside.

Grrr and Penny. Grrr is stealing Penny's precious paper toy.

The shoebox that they love to play in. Here Penny is getting her paper strip out.

Here is todays coveted toy. It is the paper strip you pull to open a mailer.

Penny was the one to originally find this toy and had to fight all day to keep it to herself.

Here she is watching for Grrr because he kept stealing it from her.


Darth Mama said...

They are too cute. Almost makes me want to get a couple.

Becky said...

I remember the days when I liked my cats enough to take pictures of them. It seems like a long time ago... I wonder if I'll ever like them like that again?

The Invisible Mo said...

@ darth mama...Think hard about that. haha

@becky...haha...I know that feeling. Your mom is planning on bringing me a cat castle thingy for them, I think.
Just try not to get that way about the boys! haha. I sometimes really miss my boys being little boys. I love your blogs about Sam and Ben. They didn't have blogs when my kids were little, but I do have some journals and pieces of paper with moments written down.

Christine said...

Becky's kids took the place of the cats. I always loved animals until I had kids. Then the pets were not priority. Now pets are back in. I bet if her cats were kittens...hmmm...she would probably still want to kill them. Hahaha! I love them but not enough to take them off her hands plus Angela is home with both her cats. Now I have fur everywhere. They are shedding bad. Combine that with the dog hair and I could vacuum three times a day just to stay on top of that.Still,I like them.

divamentors said...

ooo I am SO smiling at your cats. I have 4 and they are all so different and each one adorable in their own little way! Thanks for the smiles tonight! I absolutely love the rest of your photos as well. You are very talented!

Anyway…I was surfing tonight and stumbled across your blog.You’ve got some really great stuff here!

My readers would think so as well, and we all can use a little inspiration. If you were so inclined, would you mind dropping by and adding your blog link to the BE Naturally Well community? (It's a Mister Linky **grin**)We would love to see you there.
Many Blessings!

p.s. if you ever figure out your Mister linky I'll be the one camping out over night to egt a good seat!! ;-)