Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday around the yard.

A little walk around the yard:

Some weeds I haven't gotten too.

A thistle flower among the weeds.

The Maple tree looking at the northwest corner of my yard.

Sunlit, but it is the beautiful Blue Spruce.

The area I'm clearing in the back to make a natural wildlife habitat.

The huge Japanese Knotweed taking over the dog's yard.

The boys had an idea for the extra trampoline mat.

The climbing rose on the fence by my driveway.

The neighbor's privet hedge is flowering. It hangs
over in my yard and smells heavenly.

Someone forgot to tell this blossom that it should have
bloomed in March. It's a flowering quince bush.

I finally found a dog house that the dog actually likes.

Although we give her a bowl, she always knocks it over
and eats her food off the platform.

These bricks are from an old building downtown and
are my future BBQ out back.

The difference a pressure washer makes in the color of the patio.

Another view of the area I'm clearing showing the
overgrowth in the neighbor's yard.


Christine said...

Keeping a yard isa such hard work. I can understand the attraction of a condo.

The Invisible Mo said...

Yes, me too. I've only ever lived in one apartment, though, and not sure I would want to be that close. I'm used to more space between me and the neighbors.