Thursday, January 08, 2009

101 Things update

I want to get my weekly goals in a manageable package to be able to see what I actually am supposed to be accomplishing. I have been remembering to stretch every morning when I wake up. It might seem like a small thing, but it is amazing how much better I feel just by stretching out my whole body before I get dressed. No more getting up and jumping into my clothes to get Jeren to work. So my weekly goals are the following ones:

10. Ride my excercise bicycle at least three times a week for at least 15 minutes a time.
11. Go back to using my weights at least four times a week.
12. Return to stretching daily.
19. Include seaweed in my diet at least four times a week.
16. Take care of my toenails at least three times a week for the next two months, working toward increasing
it to daily by six months from now. (July 1st.)
58. Post at least one blog a week.
59 Answer the 'Writer's Block" question at least once a week on LiveJournal.
61. Read one new blog each week and leave a comment. (picked at random.)

I also have some things I want to do monthly. They are as follows:

15. Get at least one pedicure a month.
66. Get out of the house at least one of my days off each month. (Quit being such a homebody.)
68. Go shopping at least once a month.
74. Vacuum it out at least once a month. (the car)

I haven't been feeling well for the last five days and have barely gotten out of bed except to go to work. I'm feeling a little better today. I will start my weekly goals in earnest next week. I attempted most of them, but the stretching is the only one I actually completed. I am hoping whatever this is will go away soon. I have zero energy and have to constantly clear my throat. My stomach has been rolling, although I haven't thrown up. I have been running a low-grade fever and have an ear infection. All very annoying. I did answer a "Writer's Block" question on my LiveJournal and I also wrote a blog on my regular blog. I still have a couple of days to find, read and comment on a random blog out there in bloggy land. So, really, I am moving along on my goals. We'll see how I do next week as I start to feel better.

21. The four biographies I picked up at a bag book sale. (2.00 a bag)
a. Frank Sinatra, "His Way"
b. Mary Tyler Moore.
c. Johnny Carlson
d. William Faulkner

I am starting my reading goals with Frank Sinatra's biography. I didn't realize until I took it off the shelf that it is an unauthorized biography. Should be some good reading!

20. Continue to refine my diet as follows:
More fish, less red meat.
More veggies.
As salt-free as possible.
Less starch.
Less coffee, more tea.

I'm working on my diet without trying because of not feeling well. Haha. I'm basically eating almost nothing. I fixed catfish for David and I last week. It was quite delicious and I have more in the freezer, so I'm going to look for some different recipes to use.

101. Be more tolerant of the terrorists. (Kitties).
Yeah. Wish me luck on this one. I hate them most days. They won't stay out of my stuff. I'm seriously considering a large dog kennel (or medium, maybe) to put them in at night so that they sleep instead of terrorizing the house. It's just too much to get up each morning and see stuff all over because they were tearing around unsupervised. I am sure they will meow quite a bit at first, but after a few days they should be used to it. We'll see. My cat, Ginger, sleeps with me, so I'm not sure if she gets in on the fracas or not. She's always asleep on my bed when I wake up to go potty or whatever, so who knows. I just want them to be old and tired now, just like me.
That's my update for now.

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Christine said...

That dog kennel idea is brilliant. Put a few toys in there and maybe they will be happy and you will not have a mess when you get up. Stick them in some far corner of the house where you don't have to listen to them.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Not a great way to start out the year.

I joined Sparkpeople. I set some goals for myself over there but am having a slow start as well. Hmmm...what else is new. I usually have a slow start.

I don't think that I will attempt the 101 things. I don't think I can keep that much in my head.