Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A GOAL completed.

I am so happy. I had an immediate goal that I was determined to complete before my trip to Maryland. I leave for Maryland in a few hours and earlier today I completed it!

1. Mail Gage's quilt.

I am going to revise my list a little but I haven't had time to work on it. I want to combine a couple of things, add a couple of things and change some things to a more measurable packet.
I have gotten some good ideas from how others are tracking their progress.
I plan to do a lot of relaxing in the next week and a half and enjoy not having so much to do for a change. I want to use that relaxation time to accomplish some of the computer related goals. Maybe I won't complete them, but I want to at least get them started.
That's enough of an update for now.

My complete list and duplicate postings of my progress can be found at my World of Words blog.
Hope everyone else is doing well!

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danegel said...

Hey there,

Great list of goals. I did a similar project with a company called Life Preserver. Just in case you want to check them out.