Monday, March 09, 2009

Alright, but I still really want it to be spring, now!

Even though I am really, really ready for spring, I still get a little excited when I see snow falling.

When I left work last night it was a little warmer than earlier in the day. It wasn't raining at the time, but it had rained a little earlier and things were wet. As I got about twenty blocks from my house I noticed it "started" snowing. Then, all of a sudden, I realized that the ground was covered in snow all around me and as I got closer to my house even the streets were covered in snow. So weird. No snow at all down town, but covered in snow at my house. It snowed off and on all night and then this morning it really poured some snow. Here's the pics.

Now, mind you, if you drive a couple of miles or so west and twenty blocks south, there is just a trace of snow, if any on the ground. Crazy. I live in a little snow belt, I think.


Christine said...

I am so sick of snow. I think I have said that before. Sorry. It snowed this morning. Not much but that is even too much1

The Invisible Mo said...

Yes, I bet you are. I used to think I wanted to live where it snows all winter, but honestly, I must have been deluded. I really like the fact that our winters are mild. I'm really sick of winter this year, though. I really would have been happy to skip it altogether.