Sunday, March 22, 2009

The bathroom. (For Christine) :-}

Here are the pics of the bathroom redo.

In the beginning there was this:

The black parts are not all mold. Some of it is the residue from the glue from the wallpaper. I treated the mold and put chemicals in the primer coat because replacing the walls is for a later remodel. This is just a cosmetic redo, but made to last for a long time.
Here, in the second picture, you get a better idea of what color the ochre really is, although I lightened it a bit and added a touch more red.

I originally wanted the trim to be the gray blue. In these two pics the new trim looks like tan, but trust me, it is green.

It looks a little more green in this picture, but not the true color:

And here is the finished job.

The color is not a truly accurate representation but with the lighting I couldn't get it exact. I haven't played with my new camera enough to figure all that out, yet. The green is a very light sage-ish green and the yellow is ochre. Once I hang the curtains and get the furnishings put in there I will take some more pics and play with the lighting to see if I can get it right.

Christine, this pic is for you to show you the tub surround I got.

It is similar to formica board, but it was called something else. I just can't remember the name. The finish is quite flat, much like real stone would be. If you look closely you can see a couple of the little fossil shapes on the tiles.


Christine said...

It looks great! We have decided to use tiles. I have picked white ones and I am going to jazz it up by putting some glass tiles in here and there. I wish I had lots of money. I would do the whole thing in glass.

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks! I'm very happy with it and can't believe how well it matches the fabric I picked before I ever decided on colors!
Are you doing the tiling yourself? I have always wanted to try that.

Christine said...

Ya, I think we are going to go with tiles. I picked them out today as well as a new tub. Now we just have to decide how fancy we are going to have the tub made. Ha! I have gone from painting a old tub to considering an air tub. (picture on new post)I can do the tiles for 100.00$. John is a can do anything type of guy so even if his back gets tired he can direct me.

The Invisible Mo said...

I will go look. Did you actually USE the refinishing product? I would still like to use it because I don't want to replace the tub right now and wonder if it works?

Christine said...

I am going to give the refinishing product to Jonathan. Their tub needs it. I don't know when they will get around to it. Probably not until spring when they can open the windows. It needs good ventilation. Becky painted a tub in a house she was renting and it was a big improvement.

The Invisible Mo said...

Well, if they use it before I get it, let me know how it works. Did Becky use the same product?

Christine said...

Not sure what Becky used. I'll ask.