Monday, May 04, 2009

Logan discovers the car bucket.

I got the car bucket out for Logan today, for the first time. His mom had fun with the little wind-back cars that do wheelies and turn if they hit something. The cats and Logan enjoyed them, too.

Logan tries to make it go.

Fun times with mom.

Silly cat.

Popping a wheelie.

Let me try one.

Letting it go.

The object of the cat's desire.


Trying to make the truck go. (it isn't the right kind)

Under the dresser trying to get the car.


Christine said...

The cats are good for something. They are not total terrorists. They are worth keeping around if only to make Logan laugh. Cute series of pictures!

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks! They are learning. Of course, they are getting older. I think once we get Betty spayed, we will let them go out in the daytime. We're still deciding. Don't know if I want the "presents".