Friday, May 08, 2009

Scanning pictures is like going back in time.

For some reason the boys thought sleeping on the floor in
their clothes was a treat. Keri was just there for a little bit.

Licking the bowl clean.

Like a deer in headlights.

Caught messing with the Christmas tree.

Not sure, but I'm sure it was a game of teasing the baby.
I'm thinking maybe he didn't like the feel of the koosh-ball.

Jeren hiding in the fabric box.

I have no idea why David has a black eye in this picture.

Tired after a long day as a flower girl.

Maybe one of the girls knows what was going on here.

Jeren reading the Sunday ads.


Christine said...

Looks like you are having fun scanning all your old photos. It is taking you on a trip down memory lane. I should do mine except I don't know if I have the patience. What a big job.

The Invisible Mo said...

Very big job for me. I'm not even half through the first box of 8 or 10 boxes.