Friday, May 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday even though...

it's not Wednesday and not really wordless. I sat in my lawn swing yesterday and played with my camera. These are the results and they are amazing. I love this camera.

My trampoline, the uncut part of the yard which is at least ten feet from the trampoline
and the neighbor's fence across the street.

Branch on maple tree at least 75 feet away.

Logan helping his dad pick up grass. My lawn swing is on the east side of the house.
They are clear over across the yard on the west side.

The weeping birch above Logan's head in last picture.

He's about 60 feet from where I am sitting. That expression bodes trouble. haha.

The wheel of his trike/bike.

Soccer ball across the yard.

Leaves of the flowering quince bush above my head.

This rhody is across the street in my mom's yard.

The top of my blue spruce.

Dandelions on the other side of the trampoline.

Just because it was cute.


Christine said...

He is cute! Where did you get a camera like that for a couple hundred bucks!!!!! I am in the look for a new camera. 18 times zoom!!! Gotta love that. I wanted to take a picture of a crow rolling in the snow on the roof of our shed this spring. All I got was a black dot. My camera can't even do as good as my naked eye!

Christine said...

So did you come over to the dark side and join Farm Town? I got drawn in but I just play Bejewelled less. Add me as you neighbor. You get experience points tending your neighbors farms when you visit them. You need this to advance in the game. Becky is already at level 20. I think she has found out a way to cheat.

The Invisible Mo said...

Well, I can tell you where not to go. TVsDepot. I will let you in on the details later, but just let me say it was a learning experience.
Yes, I came over, drat you people!
I've been tending the farms of others and getting 15 coins for all my hard work. I didn't know you also got experience points. That must be why I am now an apprentice.
It's fun, though.
If you want to look at the camera, just put Fuji S8100 in your search engine and you will get that site that gives you price comparisons.
Even if they have the absolute lowest price DO NOT shop at TVsDepot.