Monday, March 29, 2010

Call me crazy!

I've decided to blog the daily April blog.
I need one more thing to do.
Actually, I seem to have more time these days and can enjoy spending my time working on the computer. I'm getting all my photo stuff organized and learning my photo editing software. I can do all the basics, but I want to understand more about the more complicated tasks in my programs. I am also working on learning more about the other programs I want to master, like Excel and video editing. I have some projects I want to do for people and I want to know all the features I have available to me.
I'm excited about the response to some of my photo artwork and hope to move forward in that area. I'm also looking forward to spring so I can get upstairs and get my studio set up and running. I have a lot to do that has to wait until nicer weather, so I'm trying to get all this preliminary stuff done while it's still too cold and wet to get to the nitty-gritty of what needs to be done out there.
Ok...I need to go make myself some lunch and don't want to rush it like I usually do. It's my Friday! Can't wait for my weekend. I have finally decided where the laundry room is going and can now begin the process of getting the rest of the areas done. I have to get an estimate for the support beam that needs replacing before I can build the walls, but in the meantime I am finally going to REALLY paint the living room ceiling and hopefully will have time to do the walls, too.


Becky said...

You're crazy.

(Also, I think you're word verification is trying to tell me something. On the last post I commented on my verification was "ratcon". This one is "rativet".)

The Invisible Mo said... who's the rat? LOL. Maybe he ate decon and wants you to take him to the vet.

mental mosaic said...

Good for you! I am definitely going to get back into the blogging groove, myself. I've missed ya! :)

The Invisible Mo said...

@Tui...I hope you do. I always love your posts!