Saturday, March 06, 2010

What Logan and I did today.

What I did today.

I put down my first set of stone borders that will be next to the driveway. I decided I didn't want my stone retaining walls to be perfectly even and perfectly level. I have looked at hundreds of examples around town from perfectly level (using a level to install) to haphazardly thrown around a tree. I am not down for a perfectly manicured lawn with perfect borders. My yard will always be lived in, just like my house. I like things to look more natural. I have decided to go with the middle of the road and used eye leveling. I also went with some of the natural dips and curves. I did use sand to help with what leveling I did do. I'm happy with the results so far.

The big view.

Before I put the flower pots on the edge.

Side view.

My new tulips are starting to open.

A pretty little mixed bulb pot.

Showing the next area I have to tackle.

What Logan did today.

Dragging his tractor through the mud.

Trying to get past Isaac onto the road.

Slosh, slosh, slosh!

Driving through the puddles.

Falling off. (he did this several times).

Checking how dirty his hand got when he fell.

Picking up a rock.

Examining the rock.


Sue said...

What a great post. Everything about it said spring! Good job on the wall and I love your little guy in all the puddles!

Becky said...

Pretty! And pretty dirty! Looks like a fun day outside.

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks, Sue. He really enjoyed himself and couldn't even stay awake at dinner!
Thanks, Becky! It was fun!

Christine said...

Those pictures are hilarious. Look at his pants! Hahahaaha! Too funny. He looks like he had a great day and you got a lot done. It looks great! How long did it take you to get the layers off him?

The Invisible Mo said... didn't take long. I stuck him up on the back porch and stripped him down quick as a wink. Then we wisked him inside and got him some warm dry clothes and threw that whole outfit into the wash! Coat, shirt, pants, socks and shoes all went in one load. He had a lot of fun and it really cleared up his nose getting out in that fresh air.