Friday, May 14, 2010

For those of you who have missed me...(Roni)

Photos taken while sitting in the lawn swing.

Under the trampoline.

Dandelions under the trampoline.

Dandelions under the trampoline after playing with features in my photo program.

Too far away to get the detail.

Dandelion going to seed.

My trees. Well, some of them.

This is sitting on the trampoline.

Baseball on the sidewalk.


Ronica said...

Gee..Thanks...I am sitting here on my lunch break enjoying your pictures and eating a rice cake..Love it

The Invisible Mo said...

You're welcome!

Christine said...

This really makes me miss the sun.

The Invisible Mo said...

You and me, both! We had such a lovely early spring, but our actual spring has been nothing but rain. At least I'm getting lots done inside!