Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother's Day rose.

This beautiful rose was at my work on Mother's Day. I'm still not sure who brought them, but I intend to find out, not only who brought it, but where they got it, because look at it. It is so beautiful and it has lasted so long. None of these pictures give an accurate picture of the color of this rose. It is a beautiful deep red, but, even with flash, I was not able to accurately capture it. Still it is very beautiful.

The night I brought it home. Mother's Day. May 9, 2010.

I put it on this fabric in an attempt to capture the true color. This picture most closely reflects the true color.

A close up to show its beautiful form. Taken 5/17.

Taken 5/18

Taken today, 5/23. It is just now starting to darken around the edges! I have had it for two weeks! It is still in the same water bottle. I haven't added any water.


Christine said...

Two weeks!!! That was one perfect rose.

The Invisible Mo said...

Isn't it beautiful? I still have it, although I'm going to hang it to dry tomorrow.