Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tulips (picture heavy)

I love tulips. My daughter, Laurie, got me tulips for Mother's Day and naturally I photographed them. And photographed them again. And again. I have a real sickness. Is there a twelve step program for excessive photo taking?

I personally think that the insides of tulips are even more beautiful than the outsides. They are like little clips from a kaleidoscope. Here are some of the 100's of photos that I took of the tulips. Some of these are soft focus and some are just plain out of focus, but I liked the outcome. Most of them are taken with macro or super macro settings.

I didn't upload them in any particular order or rearrange them to be in order.

Nearing the end.

Lavender pair.

Creamy, peachy beauty.


There were three white ones. They were delicate and beautiful and almost translucent near the end of their time.


Worship the pistil.

Stamens and pistil.

Pink and purple kaleidoscope.

Pink, yellow and red kaleidoscope.

Soft and peachy!

Blurry kaleidoscope.


The bunch, slightly doctored.

A few of the bunch, slightly doctored.


Christine said...

Lovely! I like the insides too.

The Invisible Mo said...