Friday, October 01, 2010

Saskatchewan: It All Started With a Cream Separator...Part 6

The fence and finding the geo-cache.

Mr. Lackmanec told us that he had one group of kids there for five days looking for the geo-cache. They finally found it and he shared with Angie which side of the driveway to look. This at least narrowed it down. I can certainly understand how it took the first group five days to find it. Here are some pictures of the fence and Angela looking for (and finding) the geo-cache. You can make the pictures larger by clicking on them.

This is one long fence as you can see. In this picture Chris is coming out of the driveway to come over to where I am taking pictures. The driveway is approximately halfway.

Hubcaps, wagon wheels, insulators, cattle yokes all make up this fence, along with many other things like hard hats, tools and bikes. There are many birdhouses, too, both the wooden kind and the ones he has made out of other things, like the hard hats.

A closer look.

Angie making her way along the fence to look behind hub-caps.

Getting ready to peek behind it.

Yay! She found the geo-cache!

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