Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Saskatchewan: It All Started With a Cream Separator...Final episode!

This will be my last installment in this series about Joe Lackmanec's farm and the great stuff he has collected over the years. Such a nice man and with a great sense of humor and his own style of display. I'm glad to have been there when he was home and talk to him a bit about his stuff. Talking to him is how I found out that it all started with a cream separator, but I forgot to ask him to point out which item was the cream separator. I looked up cream separators online so at least I know what one looks like and noticed there are more than one. I'm thinking the one in this picture is the one he started with, though, because he mentioned that, after his uncle gave it to him, he cemented it down. This one looks like it is bolted to the cement under it. It is right behind the seat to the honing wheel, the white thing with two brown spouts coming out of the top section.

You can see it in this picture, too, if you look very carefully.

I also wondered if it could be this one, because it is closer to the house. You can barely see it here behind the Pepsi container. I didn't realize what it was when I took the picture. I also didn't realize that the Pepsi container was holding Vodka bottles. The man has a great sense of humor.

I do, however, distinctly remember him saying he took it out in the yard and cemented it down. It doesn't really matter. I just wish I had thought to ask him and also thought to take pictures of that actual cream separator. My few remaining pictures all follow, starting with some other farm equipment and then some miscellaneous stuff.

A nice plow.

I'm not sure what this is, but it must be some kind of tiller.

A couple of the saw blade clocks.

Longhorns and insulators.

He made birdhouses out of lots of things.

I love that he put "prohibited" before "littering".

These tulip flower bed borders were everywhere. I really like them and wouldn't mind finding some of these to use.

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