Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blogging around

It's funny to me how different my header picture looks with the new background color. I took that picture last year while on a hunt for pictures for my LJ photochallenge. The blue really made the clouds look more brooding than the green does. I like the green for spring, though.

In case anyone actually READS my blog, haha, you may have noticed that I'm not blogging here everyday, anymore. I wanted to do the NaBloPoMo monthly challenge and I made a site just for that.It's also on blogger and it is "Fire and Ice".

World of Words was my site for the Blog 365 challenge. I'm still blogging daily, but dropped that community because I couldn't get even one email response from the founder about the glitches in my page even though I asked very politely. It wasn't a good fit. I continued to blog daily, however, and was happy when Eden decided to start the NaBloPoMo monthly challenge. I love the idea of the themes. I still use this blog for my Thursday Thirteens and my Wordless Wednesday blogs and any extra blogs I feel like writing in a day. (Because of course no matter how much other IMPORTANT stuff we have to do, we must blog, first and foremost! haha)

Speaking of which, I need to go make a list.
And maybe do a few things around the house if I have time!

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