Monday, March 31, 2008

Mundane Monday McBlog #6

I don't know why I never usually get things done on Monday. Maybe because it's a day that I get to myself after sharing the house with a bunch of young men all weekend. I'm happy that today I actually accomplished a little something besides sleeping, although right now I could just close my eyes and be out. The birds are all chattering noisily and it's all I can do to stay awake all of a sudden.

I'm looking forward to my days off. I have a lot to accomplish. (what's new?) I want to get everything in the kitchen and living rooms situated so I know what else I need to complete the projects and get things decorated and back to the way I like them. I haven't had the house the way I really wanted it for a long, long time now. I already warned the boys that they need to be ready to do a lot of their entertaining in their own rooms. I am tired of living the 'frat' life. I want a real living room that looks like an adult lives there. I want pillows and rugs that stay clean. I want my belongings to stay where they belong. I want it to look like a magazine picture, even if it's only when I'm on my way to bed. I don't want to look at bottles, beer cans, drink cups from fast food, wrappers from fast food, can tabs, plastic bbs, game controllers (unless I'm using one), candy wrappers, lighters, dishes, or any other remains of a "boys' night out". I want to see fluffy pillows, decorated spaces, candles, pretties, things put away.

Jeren actually cleaned his room for real this time and it looks nice. I told him I wanted a new rug for the living room, so he took the old one into his room. It really made it look nice in there. He is working hard to keep the room clean. I am going to be doing a little nagging to help him out until he can get the habit to bring things out of his room daily. It's actually been clean for four or five days, which for him is a record. I aim to keep him on track. He is already determined, though, because he knows he has to keep it clean to use it as a gathering spot for his friends. He likes having the extra room he gained by keeping things picked up.

I want my house put back together, now, because I want to concentrate on some of my more artistic pursuits. Although decorating, painting and rearranging the furniture are artistic on some levels, I am ready to do more sewing, painting (in oils and water color) and some stained glass. I want my studio. It's been too long. So it's time to finish up as much of the stuff in the house that I can without spending tons of money and get busy on getting the garage insulated, cleaned up, wired and ready so I can build a couple of walls and have a studio, a playroom, and a video gaming room.

That's not too much to ask, is it? And I should be able to get things a little at a time and make it pretty affordable, too! I can't wait!


Christine said...

I am going to keep my fingers crossed for you and send many blessings your way. They will sound like this: May Sheila's living room never take on frat room decor ever again! LOL I am patiently waiting for my son to move out and I plan to make that room my studio. That is a fancy term for craft room for me but I do like the sound of studio much better so I shall call it that. Mike moved home from BC last spring when his dad was diagnosed. It is very hard to find an affordable place to live because our real estate market went crazy here.

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks! Well, I have a craft/sewing room, too! Because I paint with oils, I like to have a separate studio for that. My garage used to have a studio when I lived here before, but my brother rearranged things a bit while he lived here, so it's no longer really there. He sort of made the garage a "mother-in-law cottage, but it is not finished and can never be plumbed, so I'm changing it to be a playroom, video game room, storage room, kitchen and upstairs studio. There will also be storage upstairs. I'm just excited to finally be able to get some of this stuff done. For a long time I just couldn't afford to keep working on things.
Is your son moving to somewhere there near you?

Christine said...

Mike will stay close. He is going to try to get a place right in town. He has found a guy to share the rent with. It is pretty hard to find anything to rent around here for under a thousand a month.

The Invisible Mo said...

WOW...I guess you almost have to have a roommate. We still have some places here for around 450 to 700. Those are small apartments, but a lot of them have washer and dryer, now.