Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: My walk to the time clock.

I call this the EQC's fitness program, haha! We are required to park on the fourth floor. They do not provide transport for us. (I enjoy the walk.)

I start out on the fourth floor. I took this picture after walking about twenty feet from my car. Each floor is about a block long. The ramp is at the other end way down there by those cars.

I am at the top of the ramp, heading down to the third floor. Each ramp is the same length as the floors. The plastic is because they are painting. It keeps the paint from drifting down to where valet parks the cars that use valet.

I took this picture about twenty feet after turning onto the third floor from the ramp.

The ramp down to the second floor.

The second floor.

The ramp to the first floor. These are cars parked by valet.

The first floor with a car being driven by a valet driver. Make note of the red car behind the valet driver to the right. (Not the one in front of him on the left.) The one on the right is about halfway.

This picture shows the distance still left to walk after getting to that red car on the right that I mentioned above. That is the first floor entrance ahead.

Here I am just coming out of the parking garage. I still have to go around the construction fences and the building.

Right after turning the corner that you see in the above picture just past that telephone pole. That is another worker walking in ahead of me. She drove in behind me, but cheated and used the construction stairs to get down from the fourth floor. (We are not supposed to use them.) She blasted past me while I was taking the previous picture.

The final leg of the outside journey to our locker area and the time clock. We go in up there at the hotel entrance which is covered. It's hard to see, but there is a car parked up there in the shade of it. Then we still have to go down the hall, around through the part of the building ahead of her in the picture and through the casino to the back where our lockers are. It's a total of approximately 1340 steps or about 3/4 of a mile, give or take a few feet and depending on whether you go to the right or left off the ramps.

It wasn't totally wordless but there it is!


metroknow - said...

Wow good for you! And I love the idea of documenting your exercise efforts - the ones that aren't the "standard" fare (a picture of a treadmill would be far less interesting...) - nice work!

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks. Most people don't understand my love of the walk. They are all complaining about the length and the fact that there is no transport. They offer me rides up to my car almost nightly, but I politely decline and continue the walk. Walking is peaceful to me.

Christine said...

Wow! That is the mother of all parking garages! Makes me feel guilty for complaining how far I have to hike in to work. Mind you it is freaking cold here for 6 months of the year. Great pictures.