Monday, March 10, 2008

Mundane Monday McBlog #5

I'm thinking I skipped one or two of my Monday blogs due to the fact that I'm also trying to keep up on all my other stuff. I got way behind on those all-important surveys on MySpace. I managed to catch up on those, but lost a few along the way.

I have been very involved with my Iowa Avenue blog because it is my biggest support group for my health goals. I enjoy the people there and sharing and blogging and commenting on the ways we are all trying to get healthier and lose some extra weight. Some days I find myself writing three or four blogs by the time I get done visiting my blog places. I have my Iowa Avenue, my pnotochallenge on LiveJournal, my tshirt surgeries community, which I love, even though I haven't personally posted there, yet, except as a commenter. I am doing the NaBloPoMo monthly challenge and even though I dropped out of the 365 group, I am still blogging for 365. Of course any of my other blogs will work for that, but sometimes I just want to add something besides a list. It's a lot of online stuff for a person with limited time, so I have days like today where I waste my day spending time online.

I don't feel good, anyway, and that makes it way easier to justify sitting here reading and writing. I'm way behind on reading blogs. I would like to visit a lot more of the TT regulars and the March list bloggers. Reading is the harder part of blogging because I fall asleep. Because I am highly involved on the Iowa Avenue site, I tend to concentrate my time there, reading and commenting as much as I can. Somedays that doesn't leave me with much time to go elsewhere. In addition to that I have joined both my Momentum group, at work, and the President's Challenge which require me to log progress. That also takes time and it is important to me, so I do that first. I didn't mean to start logging at the President's challenge until it officially begins on March 2oth, but last night I checked it out and went ahead and filled it in. It surprised me that I had an hour of activity, even though to me it was lighter activity. I didn't even do my weights yesterday. I'm going to get up here in a minute and start my stretches and try to get my weights in before I have to shower and get ready for work.

My week this week has not been one of staying on target. It's been difficult this week while fighting off the yuckies. I spent my time in bed resting today because I know I don't really get enough sleep and wanted to make sure I had enough rest to continue the fight against that flu. From what I can tell it's miserable and I DON'T want it. PERIOD.

So I better go do my list for today and get myself busy on my stretches and resistance stuff. I want time to take my time in the shower and let the steam clear my head.

It really is a mundane Monday today. Gray and cloudy.

Only one more day until my five days off. YAY!


Christine said...

I have been off target for the last three days. time to pull myself up by the boot straps. Oh, I hope you don't get the flu. Good that you could get a good sleep in.

The Invisible Mo said...

It must be in the air, because several people I know are off target. I am looking forward to my days off. I want to concentrate on trying to get my rate up on the bike and I'm seriously thinking about heading out for a mile walk in the mornings after taking my sons. I know my doctor advised me to use the exercise bicycle, but I've been walking at work and it is UPHILL. I figure I could try to do a mile, maybe not with my usual speed, and see how it goes. I love walking. If I walk from my house to the park and only once around the track at the park and home it is exactly a mile. The hard part for me is to stop after only one lap. Once I get started I just want to keep going, but that is what started the problem with my knee in the first place, so I will have to be strict with myself. I'll think of you on your treadmill going for six miles while I aim for my one. If it goes well, I will tell my doctor and see what he thinks. Wish me luck. Thanks for your comments. I sure hope I don't get it, too. Seems like everyone at work has it. I must have sanitized my hands a hundred times tonight. haha.